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Love Cats? Meet Bridget the Cat, Our Team Captain

Meow and Tail is dedicated to cats, breeds, cat health, and tips on caring for cats. Our motto after all is “Where Every Day is Caturday.” So of course we have a team captain who is a cat herself. Meow and Tail community, meet Bridget!

long-haired tabby cat

Bridget the Cat’s Story

Bridget is a nine-year-old Maine Coon cat who was adopted as a 6-month-old kitten from an animal sanctuary in Southern California. We adopted her on St. Patrick’s Day and decided to give her an Irish name. A pretty name for a pretty kitty!

What drew us to Bridget? We adore Maine Coons and couldn’t say no to those gorgeous green eyes. We took one look and wanted to make her part of the family.

The first night Bridget stayed with us, she meowed most of the night. Luckily, she quickly settled into her new home and got comfy. Soon she became queen of the house (as all cats do).

A couple of years later, Bridget started sharing her home with a dog and reasserted her status as the leader of the house. One thing’s for sure—Bridget does what she wants and lets everyone know who’s boss.

Bridget’s belly fur almost touches the ground when she’s standing. While she doesn’t have the signature Maine Coon ear tufts, she does have the thick, long fur. Since she lives in California, she doesn’t get to experience snow, but maybe one day she’ll visit New England.

She is over eleven pounds and stretches out to about three feet. Like all Maine Coons, Bridget is huge. She is one solid cat.

a Maine Coon kitty that is laying on a couch with a fluffy blanket

8 Fun Facts about Bridget the Cat

1. She talks to her people and her dog sister. When Bridget has a complaint, she lets it be known by meowing. She also meows if she wants something or wants her people to follow her. Sometimes we think her meow means, “I love you.”

2. She can open doors. Bridget can open doors to rooms and can even open a sliding pocket door. She uses her paws to open them and has been known to barge into a room, causing a door to fly open.

3. She gets jealous of her dog sister. When her dog sister is getting attention from people, Bridget will meow and get in the way. She’s the queen after all.

4. She loves to be brushed. Bridget is a long-haired cat and loves a good salon day. She even prefers to be brushed rather hard—a massage and a brushing all in one.

5. She doesn’t mind being cradled like a baby. Her people like picking her up, holding her, and rubbing her belly. She purrs for a couple of minutes and then asks to be put back on the floor.

6. She’s a lap cat. Bridget loves to lay on a particular pillow on the couch, and when her people put it on their lap, she’ll jump onto it and snuggle right in.

7. She single-handedly turned someone into a cat lover. Before Bridget, one of her people only liked dogs. But after years of living with her, he now loves cats and highly respects the cat personality.

8. She likes to be pet, rubbed, and scratched while lying on a specific rug. Bridget leads her people to the rug multiple times a day and asks for massages.

How Bridget Spends Her Days

Ready for some glimpses into Bridget’s life? Check out the pictures below.

She likes to get snuggly.

pet cat laying underneath blanket

She loves water and likes to drink out of faucets. One time we caught her drinking bathwater (yuck!)

kitty licking water out of a bathtub

Bridget is a “tree-dweller,” meaning that even though she’s an indoor cat, she loves to climb to high spots. She especially loves climbing shelves in a closet and looking down at the world from the top shelf.

feline laying on top of a closet shelf

Sometimes she gets annoyed and swipes at her poor dog sister. Her sister just lets it happen because she knows that Bridget is the boss.

a cat laying on a table with her paw on top of a dog who has a sheepish look

Sometimes she likes dining on high-quality tuna. It makes her hungry just thinking about it.

kitty with her tongue sticking out

Bridget loves to stretch allllllllll the way out.

a long-haired Maine Coon cat stretched out on her back, showing her belly

She doesn’t look forward to Mondays.

a cat lying with her cheek on a desk next to a computer

Bridget’s motto is “A nap is always the answer.”

fluffy cat lying upside down on a blanket

She likes all kinds of mice.

a feline laying on a desk next to a computer mouse

If you look into Bridget’s eyes, she might make you spill all your secrets.

a long-haired cat with beautiful eyes staring into the camera

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